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How Speech Therapy Can Help Your Child

Our pediatric speech therapists are trained to provide support to children in the areas of language acquisition, articulation, oral motor stimulation, communication skills, and much more.

Your child will start improving their abilities to articulate sounds more clearly, develop their communication skills, increase their range of sounds, and develop oral motor muscles to improve language use.

Our pediatric speech therapists look at the quality of your child’s speech and language as well as pronunciation and articulation.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Your Child

  • Improve verbal or nonverbal skills for communication
  • Facilitate receptive/expressive language development
  • Increase fundamental social skills

Speech Therapy FAQs

Click the toggles below to read some of the common questions and answers we hear from parents and patients.

Speech therapy is the provision of treatment, support and care for both children and adults who have difficulties in communicating, eating, drinking and/or swallowing.  The goal of speech therapy is to provide support in the areas of language acquisition and articulation as well as improve communication skills and provide oral motor stimulation. With speech therapy, those with difficulty in speech and language can develop their communication skills as well as increase their range of sounds and overall quality of pronunciation and articulation.

It is also effective in controlling stuttering as well as helping patients become familiar with augmentative/alternative methods of communication. Speech therapy also deals with sensory feeding issues or swallowing problems (dysphagia).

Speech-language pathologists help patients focus on receptive-expressive communication, articulation, fluency, voice, augmentative/alternative communication methods, social pragmatics, oral motor skill development and feeding/dysphagia.

A simple articulation disorder can be treated more quickly as compared to speech delay due to childhood apraxia of speech and other oral motor challenges. In general, speech therapy sessions can last from 45 minutes to an hour and also include exercises that can be done at home. As far as speech therapy is concerned, it is actually the quality of practice rather than the quantity which plays a more important role in terms of results.

Speech therapy should be initiated as early as possible since early intervention can help your child learn faster and better. If you feel that your child may have speech and language issues, you can schedule an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist to determine your future course of action.

This depends on the type of speech or language disorder your child suffers from. If the child has difficulty in producing sounds or saying words correctly (articulation disorder), this could hamper their academic performance and social interaction. If it’s stuttering or interrupted speech that is the primary problem (fluency disorders) this could have more of a social issue than an academic one.

If the child has problems with pitch, volume or quality of their voice, this could potentially distract listeners as well as cause your child pain or discomfort. If the child has receptive difficulties as well in processing and understanding language, they could suffer academically and socially. Some may also have communication issues such as attention, perception, regulation, organization, problem solving etc.

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